Job BTNThe UCF School of Social Work seeks to prepare students to prevent and resolve human problems, promote social justice, serve the poor and oppressed, alleviate poverty, and address oppression and discrimination. The school's curricula includes classroom and Field Education at approved agencies throughout Central Florida.

The mission of the UCF School of Social Work B.S.W. program is to prepare students for generalist social work practice within diverse human service organizations. The undergraduate program prepares baccalaureate-level students for entry-level positions within diverse human service organizations such as hospitals, schools, correctional settings, public welfare, schools, child placement organizations, community centers and counseling agencies, etc.

The mission of the UCF School of Social Work M.S.W. program is to prepare students for community-based clinical practice. The master degree program strives to produce advanced-level social workers, skilled in clinical practice with individuals, families and groups, who can resolve client problems and prevent social problems.

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I am very privileged to be in the B.S.W. program at UCF and learn from instructors such as yourself [referring to Dr. Dziegielewski]."
— Brittany Hamilton,  social work major
I am so grateful for all I've received from this university, both as a student and an alumna."
— Judith Thames,  B.A., social welfare/psychology ('73); co-founder, Judith G. Thames Endowed Scholarship
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